Peter Pepper Express Desks

Peter Pepper Express Desks

Originally designed for healthcare professionals, Peter Pepper Express Desks can now be found wherever someone sometimes needs fast and easy access to a work surface.

Wall mounted folding desks take up very little room when closed. These units are only 4” deep, so they don’t protrude beyond ADA requirements into the corridor or room. Corridors are kept clear; more floor space is available.

When needed, you just pull down the work surface, unfolding a work space. The minimum width of an Express Desk is 20” wide, the maximum width measures 30” wide. Work surface depth varies from 15” to 20” deep. Select the size you need for the space you have.

When you finish your task, you fold the surface back up. There is also a self-closing option which automatically folds the work surface up when you remove weight from the surface.

Most come with a durable laminate cabinet interior in a Soft White finish, suitable for sticky notes. If you prefer, some units have a tackable surface inside the cabinet.

The front of the folded desk can be your choice of three finishes. The cabinet sides of the 4800 series can be specified in any of Peter Pepper’s 9 different woods or 27 colors, or choose an Oak cabinet to save a bit of money. The sides of the 4900 series are always Soft White.

Express Desks mount to the wall using a cleat and bracket system, included with each desk. The desks are rated to support up to 30 pounds.

All Peter Pepper Express Desks are custom made to order in the USA.