Magnuson Rap Rak Coat Racks - Standing

Magnuson Rap Rak Coat Racks - Standing

Magnuson Rap Raks are versatile.  These double sided coat racks offer several ways of hanging garments. 

The top shelf consists of a hanger grid with a maximum capacity of 48 coat hangers when you use it as a double-sided coat rack.  Although they're double-sided, Rap Raks are stable enough that you can put one side up against a wall and use it as a single-sided coat rack.

You can use any coat hanger, but these were designed with Magnuson's anti-theft MG17PM hangers in mind.

Of course, not everyone wants to bother with coat hangers.  That's why Rap Rak gives you the option of using hook rails instead.  A Rap Rak can hold two optional hook rails attached to the top grid.  Each hook rail has 5 triple-prong hooks, giving a total hanging capacity of 30 items. 

The fourth way to hang things is by using standard coat hangers from the center of the hanger grid.  

So, you can use the Rap Rak four ways:

  • Double Sided Coat Rack using the outside of the hanger grid
  • Double Sided Coat Rack using the optional hook rails
  • Single Sided Coat Rack using the outside of the hanger grid
  • Single Sided Coat Rack using the center of the coat hanger grid

As versatile as this coat rack is, it seems a shame to limit its mobility.  Normally this is a free standing coat rack with glides, but if you expect to move it often, you can add CST-4 Casters or CST-4RE Heavy Duty Casters.  Standard casters are fine for linoleum or carpet.  However, you may want the heavy duty casters if you plan on regularly rolling this across pavement or other obstacles. 

The CST-4 Casters add 2-1/2" to the height of the coat rack.  CST-4RE Heavy Duty Casters add 4" to the height and top and bottom spacer bars.

These are available in Magnuson's standard powder coat finishes in Black, Gray, or White.  

Need a coat rack for kids?  You can get Rap Raks in a junior size, with the height at 48" instead of 60". 

If you need a versatile coat rack to meet changing circumstances, Rap Rak may be your solution.