Heavy Duty Hooks

Heavy Duty Hooks

The Extra Heavy Duty Coat Hooks have been tested to 70 pounds capacity.

If 70 pounds seems more than you need, there are also the lighter Heavy Duty Coat Hooks that are tested to a mere 60 pounds. 

These heavy duty industrial hooks are designed to hold not just coats, but just about anything that can fit on them: firefighter gear, scuba gear, helmets, hard hats, tool belts, backpacks full of books or whatever, will all fit on these. 

If you manage to break one of these rather sturdy units in normal use, Ava will replace it for free.  We'll even pay to have the broken hook shipped back but we'll need to know how it was broken.  No, running over it with a truck is not considered normal use. 

Now, one thing to note: These are big coat hooks.  As a general rule, it's hard to create a ridiculously strong hook without simultaneously making it large.  Please be sure to check the dimensions of the unit you're interested in and compare it to the space where you intend to place it.

If you don't really need a heavy duty hook and can get by with a more ordinary weight capacity, you can choose from every metal coat hook Ava sells.