Peter Pepper Coat Racks

Peter Pepper Coat Racks

Peter Pepper provides commercial coat racks with unique designs. Certainly, they have racks which are simply coat hanger rods. But just to keep things interesting, they have a few more innovations, too.  If you need a rack where the coat hooks swivel, there is a solution. A vertical coat rack? Peter Pepper offers two. You want your coat hooks to slide on a rail?  Okay.  Peter Pepper has four types of those.

Even if you just need a plain fixed-hook coat rack with an anodized aluminum finish, Peter Pepper can provide from over a dozen models.

But if what you really want is simply a coat rack consisting of a wooden mounting bar paired with your favorite set of hooks selected from all the coat hooks that Peter Pepper offers, yes, it can indeed be made to happen. Of course, you’ll also have to choose the back panel finish from any of Peter Pepper’s 9 wood finishes or their 27 Colors.  It's a tough job but we believe you're up to it.

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