Peter Pepper Presentation Shelves

Peter Pepper Presentation Shelves

Peter Pepper Presentation Shelves

Peter Pepper provides wall-mounted aluminum shelves for different styles of presentation and display.  Imaginative people have found a variety of uses for these small wall shelves.  The shelves are custom cut at the factory to your preferred length, starting at 12" and going up to 96".  The cut ends are polished to remove sharp edges and provide a finished look, but are flat cut to allow easy alignment of continuous lengths beyond the 8' maximum of the individual shelf.  The finish is natural anodized aluminum, so these shelves can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Pen Rails were designed for use with marker boards.  But many folks find the 2-1/4" depth is perfect for a variety of often-used small items.  In fact, we have several of the 5792-24 units strategically placed around our own warehouse to hold tape measures, box cutters, tape guns, markers, and labels.  It saves time having everyday tools in one place and makes it simple to return the items to the proper place for the next use.

PR Presentation Shelves are like an overgrown pen rail with a 5-1/2" depth.  Originally designed to securely display presentation boards, these wall shelves have a small lip at the front and a very slight upward angle to keep rigid media the way presenters like it: stable and secure.  These units have small ridges that run the length of the shelf.  The ridges are to get the angle of presentation boards just right.  However, these shelves have also been used to display a variety of objects.  For instance, one fellow bought some to display his scale-model locomotive collection. Apparently they were just the right size.

SA Aluminum Shelves measure 8-1/4" deep, almost the width of a standard sheet of paper.  These aluminum floating wall shelves are designed for displaying objects without calling much attention to themselves. There isn't a front lip, only a bullnose edge with small black removable end caps, so you can see the entire object.  These shelves have the same small ridges similar to the PR shelf, to help keep objects where you want them.  The wall attachment support is separate and concealed under the shelf, unlike the pen rail or presentation shelf.  Whatever you need to display, be it corporate trophies or gnome figurines, these will likely do the job.  Or you can use them simply as handy wall shelves, to rearrange when circumstances change.  Customers have used these for all sorts of things.  We know one customer used them as pantry shelves in a tiny house, another customer used them to hold small cactus planters, and another used them to display his collection of samurai swords. 

Obviously, there are many ways to use these shelves.  How would you use them?

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