Glaro Wall Coat Racks - 8000BSA Group

Glaro Wall Coat Racks - 8000BSA Group

The Glaro 8000BSA wall-mounted coat racks are available in modular sections of 24", 30", and 36".  These can be added together to make your coat racks as long as you need.

The 8000B series provides two four-tube shelves, a hanger rod, and a coat hook panel with four hooks per foot.  This rack has it all.

The SA designation means this unit has Glaro's Satin Aluminum finish, with a clear powder coat for durability.

You like the combination style, but two shelves is one too many?  Check out the 8000CSA coat rack, the exact same hanger rod and hook panel combination, but only one shelf.

If you prefer just a hanger rod, no hook panel, you might like the 502SA coat rack.  If you want as many coat hooks as possible, without a hanger rod, then please see the 9000CSA coat hook rack.  Glaro aims to give you exactly what you want.

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