Cramer Scooter Step Stool - Red - 50011PK-43

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  • Cramer Scooter Step Stool - Red - 50011PK-43
  • Overhead View of Cramer Scooter Step Stool in Red -50011PK-43
  • Stacked Gray Cramer Scooter Step Stools
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This Red Scooter Step Stool is something a bit different from Cramer. The Scooter collection was designed for home use, with slightly more organic curves, just a little more domestic look, not heavy duty bang-it-off-the-dock-and-keep-working commercial use like a Kik Step.

What are the differences?

Scooters are made of heavy-duty plastic, Kik Steps are made of steel.

Scooters have a 300 pound weight capacity, Kik Steps have a 350 pound weight capacity.

Scooters weigh 9 pounds, Kik Steps weigh 11 pounds.

Scooters are 15" high, Kik Steps are 14" high.

Scooters are available in Red and Gray, Kik Steps are available in 7 finishes. If you scratch a Scooter, you don't get a shiny scratch, the color goes all the way through. Scratch the tough powder coated finish on a Kik Step (good trick, incidentally) and you'll see a shiny steel finish.

Non-slip treads are on both units.

Here's a big difference: A Scooter arrives in one piece. A Kik Step comes in two pieces, which takes approximately 2 minutes to assemble, no tools needed. But if you're getting this for someone who is perhaps a bit challenged about putting pegs in holes and then pushing down on the top to seat the pegs, you may want the Scooter instead of a Kik Step.

Both units have the wonderful automatically retracting non-marring wheels which have made Kik Steps so popular over the years. The wheels retract when 40 pounds are placed on top of the unit. Don't get this for a toddler weighing less. Kick it, it rolls. Step on it, it stops.

Finally, the style is just a bit different. A close look at the top reveals a bit different design in the tops. And of course, the Scooter stacks. NO, do not stack two units on top of each other and try to stand on them. This feature is to save space, not to build a tower.

We hope you agree that the Scooters are great additions to the Cramer lines.

  • Available in Red or Gray
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • Solid color plastic, not surface coated
  • Non-skid treads on the surfaces protect you from slips
  • Non-marring wheels safe for any floor
  • Top Height: 15"
  • Item Weight: 9 pounds
  • Activation Weight: 40 pounds
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Warranty Information

The basic construction and integrity of products are covered by Cramer's 10-year warranty. Treads, bumpers and casters are warranted for a period of three years. Labor charges for repairs performed outside of the factory, or for installation of replacement parts, are the responsibility of the purchaser, unless specifically approved in advance by Cramer. This warranty applies only to products used under normal conditions by the original purchaser. Warranties do not apply to damage from neglect, abuse, normal wear and tear, or to products that have been modified by the user. Cramer supplied replacement parts must be used to retain warranty coverage. Cramer's liability is limited to repair or replacement, at Cramer's option, and cannot exceed the original invoice price. All labor charges must be pre-approved. Cramer is not liable for incidental or consequential damage arising in connection with the sale, use or serviceability of Cramer products. Repairs or replacements do not extend the original warranty period. THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESSLY STATED OR IMPLIED.
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