Peter Pepper SyncTech Clock System

Peter Pepper SyncTech Clock System

Peter Pepper SyncTech products provide the ability to use a single master clock to provide synchronization across multiple clocks in a complex, eliminating potential liabilities for medical timelines, vital statistics and procedures.  It simplifies employee time keeping and HR policy enforcement by eliminating unnecessary time and attendance grievances.  Daylight Savings Time adjustments are automatic.

There are two types of SyncTech systems.

SyncTech UHF Clocks

The first is the UHF Wireless Synchronized Clock System which uses a single master clock, equipped with either an NTP, GPS or CDMA receiver. 

The master clock obtains and transmits the correct US Time Standard to an unlimited number of secondary clocks, throughout a facility or across an entire campus.  An FCC license is required.

Emergency Mass Notification (EMN) options may be added to these UHF Master Clocks to instantly notify building occupants regarding events.

SyncTech 2.4 GHz Clocks

The second type of SyncTech system is the 2.4 GHz Wireless Synchronized Time System which provides a multi-path mesh network for clock-to-clock transmission of synchronized time. This easy-to-install system will provide years of trouble free service without the cost of expensive wiring.  It is best suited for a single building.

The master transmitter obtains time updates from a network timeserver or GPS receiver. The time signal is then broadcast to all clocks once per second. Each battery-operated clock transmits up to 150 feet in all directions, repeating the synchronized time signal clock-to-clock, throughout an entire facility.  If distances exceeds 150 feet between clocks, plug-and-play repeaters can be used. 

The Emergency Mass Notification option is not available with the 2.4 GHz system.

Emergency Mass Notification

Emergency Mass Notification requirements are so varied it's best to discuss them directly with you. 

Please contact us for further information regarding this option.

All Peter Pepper Products ship for Free.  However, the larger units ship via LTL freight carriers, not UPS.  Please note that free shipping on LTL carriers applies only to buildings with loading docks suitable for freight trucks.  Receiving situations requiring lift gates will incur additional charges from the freight line.  Please contact us for a quote for these situations.

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