Peter Pepper NIK Desks

Peter Pepper NIK Desks

Peter Pepper's NIK Desks take a minimalist approach to fit into a wide range of work styles and budgets.  The simplicity of NIK means they are easily arranged into desking applications or individual workstations, with each NIK retaining its own individuality, but easily interacting with other NIKs to provide simple reconfigurations as work requirements change.

Each NIK starts with bullnose front and rear edges for comfortable use.  Two dock shelves double as universal charging trays when attached to the glass privacy panel, and function as adjustable sliding shelves and book ends.  The hinged cable tray mounts under the work surface and conceals wires from view, but allows easy access to power and USB ports.  Dock plates provide access to the cable tray for power and USB charging.

An optional steel drawer, suitable for laptops or keyboard trays, is concealed inside the hollow space under the work surface and disappears entirely when closed.

The Highlander is an optional standing work surface which attaches without hardware and can be moved to any desired position on the desk within seconds, then rotates out of the way when not in use.

NIK is the next step in the evolution of the desk.

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